Problem No Dey Finish

Problem No Dey Finish

At one point, our biggest worry was passing UTME/JAMB to gain university admission. Once admitted, the challenge became acing courses like CHM101. Some students had to deal with troublesome lecturers, while others struggled to either excel or just pass their courses. The ultimate goal for many was simply to graduate. Then came the NYSC phase, intermixed with the hustle to earn a living. Soon, we realized that a degree wasn't enough. Age crept up on us, and the search for a spouse began, often meeting with disappointments. You are receiving breakfast from left and right. For some, no guy is even making proposals.

Next, you secure a job and set a wedding date, but then the challenge is finding a decent house and planning the wedding. You envision a modest ceremony with future plans, but your family dreams of a lavish wedding. Okay na. Marriage happens, and reality sets in. Over the years, the initial romantic thrill fades, and you learn that sustaining a marriage requires compassionate love. Some couples struggle to have children, while others grapple with pregnancy woes, sleepless nights with babies, and a child who won’t eat well or cries a lot. Health challenges may also arise, demanding attention.

Life rolls on, with events unfolding one after another. As one problem resolves, another emerges. You might face a difficult boss, lose a business contract, or have neighborly disputes. You may grieve the loss of loved ones. As your child grows, your parents age, becoming dependent like children once again. You have kids, kids grow up and suddenly you realize how fast life events happen, you are now grown up. Similar worries parents have for you, you have your kids. Before you know it again, kids are fully grown and you too become an old adult.

Perhaps you've relocated abroad in the middle of this, facing new challenges there. People back home might think you've got it all sorted, but they don't see the struggles you face – be it securing admission abroad, obtaining a visa, finding ticket money, or sorting out residency issues.

The truth is, problem no dey finish. Amidst all this 'rogbodiyan' (chaos), the real question is: How do you live a purposeful and happy life?